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Are you ready to...

  • Strengthen your self-awareness 

  • Gain clarity about what matters to you most

  • Be in alignment with who you are here to be

  • Trust your inner knowing

  • Commit to conscious action

I offer many ways for us to work together:

One on one coaching via phone, or internet, working with your team, group retreats, and individual coaching  intensives in Montana. 


Individual Coaching

Focusing on clarity, skills, and support:
I work with individuals who are ready to live lives of
conscious action. 
In these volatile, quickly changing and complex times,   leaders need to be flexible, embrace uncertainty, and explore multiple perspectives.  Most importantly, they need to learn to rely equally on intellect and intuition.  
I provide personalized support in developing the skills you will use daily.

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One-on-One Personal Intensives in Montana

Create time for yourself to experience the integration of personal and professional growth. 
Montana provides the perfect backdrop for reflection and creating commitments.

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Workshops & Programs

I lead several workshops and  classes designed for and with clients who are looking for practical skills to apply immediately. You can learn with your team and in self-selected communities of support.  

You will learn from each other by interacting and committing to exploring together. 
Classes are offered in both live on-site and online formats.

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Leadership in the Elements

Our retreats are held in outdoor environments that allow you to open to the space within you 
​and experience a personal transformation.

Powerful leadership requires expansive thinking and grounded action.
Our groups are small, allowing for intimacy, individual coaching and personalizing the content.  Through experiential learning, you will be given tools to develop new approaches to enhance your leadership skills.

We offer both women's retreats, and co-ed retreats. 

Customized retreats for your team or group are also available.

Albert Einstein

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

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