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Podcasts with Rebecca Johns

The Power of Deep Listening with Executives

April 13, 2020

Rebecca Johns joins Raquel Ark

Listen In Podcast, Episode 8

Personal Growth Is Professional Growth

October 2, 2021

Rebecca Johns joins Bookboon

Person Growth Is Professional Growth

“Listening is a skill and it takes a lot of practice. It begins with listening to ourselves.” 

– Rebecca Johns

“You are an excellent communicator in this media - clear, purposeful yet light..a strong sense of wisdom being shared with love and knowing.”

Scott Cordrey

Corporate Mentor Devon, England

"The podcast has a depth that I did not expect. You both brought such a sincere passion to the topic - it was easy to get lost in your conversation without feeling overwhelmed. I found myself rewinding portions to hear portions again - some awesome quotes in there!

This kind of work suits you so well. Your presence is so clear and articulate on audio - it's soothing, inspiring and agile. The wisdom is simple, uncomplicated and you dotted every key-note point with solid examples from a variety of life-experiences. It just seemed easy - which it isn't; it just looks that way when it's being masterfully done. Keep doing this stuff; the world needs this sensible, sensitive, straightforward stuff."

JW Certified Professional Coach

Alberta, Canada

“I just finished listening to your podcast. I loved it. You connected a more abstract theme so beautifully to real-life examples and went deep into the value of applying the art of listening in life and work. Of course, there were many things I recognized as pieces of our conversations. You so graciously weaved all of it together. It's really a gift to listen to you.” 

Dianne Elsinga

Organizational development consultant & trainer

Agile coach

Delft, Netherlands

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