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Show up as who you are wherever you are

Workshops & Programs

My workshops are all customized. We work together to create what will make the biggest difference first for you, your team, and your workplace. My follow-up support after the workshops ensures practical application over time until you see the results you are looking for.
My commitment to that ongoing support is what makes it work.

Stepping Into Wholeness

Well-being is an indicator of a successful life and career.
We are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual beings. We are recognized and rewarded for thinking and doing. 
This workshop offers tools of self-awareness that support you in living a sustainable, fully integrated life.

Intuition is a Leadership Skill

Effective leadership is a partnership between our intellect and intuition.  Leadership skills most in demand now require accessing all of what we bring: head, heart, gut and hands.
Learn ways to trust your inner knowing, develop it intentionally, and apply it in your life and work.

5 Essential Elements of Communication

Deep listening is the most important communication skill.
We will practice levels of listening, authentic connection, intuitive knowing, tangible ways to build trust, and specific behaviors that translate into habits of being and doing.

Turning Values Into Action

Values are verbs.
If I followed you around for a day or a week, would I know what matters to you? 
Turn your commitments into choices you make daily. Discover the power of values as decision making tools. 
Commit to your own alignment.

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Interpersonal Skills for Life & Work

Our desire and intention to connect is a set of skills. Whether at work or in your life, meaningful relationships make all the difference.

 Practice effective ways to build real connections with others, and experience the difference relationship skills make in the results you are looking for.

How to be a 

Positive Deviant

Make a difference by not fitting in. 

In every community there are people whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find solutions and create in new ways. This workshop is for those willing to explore questions, view problems as messages, and learn deeper ways of seeing and hearing. 

 Bring your unique ways of being to the world

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