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The Force is With You

It’s hard to have your shit together according to the world out there.

– Allison Schultz

I am inspired by other people. I read what they write and a quote sends me into my own understanding & experience of the statement.

The quote above (Ali Shultz is an amazing coach) helps me relax & let go of what we are now calling ‘imposter syndrome’. By the way, that always existed, now we have names for everything. (Mom guilt, Dad guilt, FOMO, the list goes on). We had that too, 40 years ago.

The swirl around us is causing confusion. When we are confused, we get scared. When we get scared, a lot of people get mad. Then, we act out. It feels to me like that is the intention of our current administration. But that is politics, so I won’t go there.

In Montana we call getting your shit together “Getting my poop in a group”.

The cosmic joke is; nobody has any of it “together”.

The best, most honest, real, authentic teachers acknowledge that.

We are human. Even those who put themselves on pedestals while saying, “I don’t want to be a guru!” The answer to that is don’t act like one.

Being a real human means having the full range of emotions, inner experiences, doubt, fear, and doing the best we can moment to moment.

It also means reaching for any thought or belief that brings us a sense of more ease.

Whatever your version of belief in something ‘more’ is, invite that in.

I call it Source/Oneness. Others call it God, Goddess, all that is, and a variety of names, language & words from many spiritual paths.

Try not to let language get in the way. (Language can connect us or separate us).

The point is, try to remember, The Force is with you.

Image by Alex Grey

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