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Soft Landings

When I lead a retreat, or a workshop, or even a training, I remind the participants to re-enter their lives and work slowly and with support.

When we step away for even a day and immerse ourselves in learning, reflection, and allow ourselves to grow;

integrating the experience is essential.

Our fast paced environments can rob us of the inner shifts possible when we don't take our time and allow a soft landing....

In yoga, the last pose is savasana. It's purpose is to integrate the set....the union of body, mind, spirit, and deep relaxation to assimilate the benefits.

As I put the final touches on my retreats, I am reminded to allow myself and the participants to take their time as they drive away and be present to the inner shifts while keeping our minds from fast forwarding into what's next.

What are the ways you engage in that kind of self care?

How do you give yourself soft landings?

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