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2020 – Visualizing or Visioning?

Visualizing uses our intellect and imagination. We can imagine, visualize, intend, and create. It is a mental exercise. Sometimes, the force of intention can overpower what wants to happen. It can become a process of making something happen. Not bad, just different than the power of visioning.

Visioning uses our intuition and a deeper inner knowing. We can tap in to a process that requires tuning in to a way of seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing.

Try it now; what do you want?

Imagine it. Notice the sense of futurizing and the energy that comes from wanting. Notice if you are trying to figure it out, creating the ‘how’.

Remember this and then shake it off.

Now, allow a vision to come to you.

Ask for it, expect it to come, receive it, and jot it down.

Notice any shift in energy. As your vision appears, without willing it or wanting it, notice the desire that arises when you sense what it is showing you.

Allow yourself to say yes without knowing the how. Align with it.

Write or draw what you want to remember; thoughts, emotions, sensations, any truth that emerged for you.

Reflect: what are you willing to let go of?

What are you willing to say yes to?

A few years ago, during a workshop with a group of young professionals someone asked me “How did you know when you were about to make a decision that would change your life?” I answered quickly, “It almost never made sense and I had already said yes.”

I believe in setting goals and creating the structures for your life to be one of contribution and meaning. And, there is always a bigger hand at play. We intuitively know who we are and what we are drawn to. We are here to serve.

Play with this. (My clients often want to “work on” things.)

I encourage them to play, holding it lightly. Allow your vision to continue to guide you. Pay attention to what gets your attention. Let me know how it goes.

Art Credit: Amanda Sage Art

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