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A Meaningful Life has more to do with what you let go of, not add to it

I realized this several years ago. It came to me after too many years of trying to do it all and getting sick. I finally identified what really had meaning and value for me and found out that having and doing weren’t as important to me as who I was being. Some of the things that mattered to me were freedom, ease, relationships, quiet, stillness, humor, and teaching.

I talk about and work with values daily. My clients say their families and friends matter, and I believe them. And, I also see them racing around breathlessly from task to task, or meeting to meeting and complaining about not getting enough done while working 50-60-hour weeks.

Reminding them to breathe helps. When they remember to breathe intentionally, they slow down just a bit and notice where they are when they are there.

One study found that people who are more passionate, who aspire to do things that matter to them at work, aren’t as rushed and harried as others.

I believe this statement reflects both the ability and willingness to be present. It’s easier to be present when we are passionate. We almost lose track of time. And, learning to be fully present takes practice. It is a commitment.

When we commit to being present, we bring a different presence. Our presence is the energy we bring to anything we do.

What energy are you bringing into the room, the interaction, the focus,

the team?

It is difficult to be passionate and focused when we are rushed and harried. It takes commitment to be focused and present with your passion while you also let go of the belief that rushed and harried is a badge of honor called ‘busyness’.

And, it’s all about making conscious choices. What are you saying yes to? What are you willing to let go of? I’d love to hear from you.

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