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Applied Spirituality

"We must learn to live intuitively in order to develop adaptability, strong relationship skills, agile thinking, and become more creative and inspired. We can apply what we learn and turn our intuitive skills and awareness into action."

Rebecca Johns

Spirituality takes many forms. It is highly personal and unique to each individual. Seane Corn, a well-known yoga teacher, has a company called Off the Mat into the World. Her idea is that our real work in the world is after we leave the mat. I agree.

As I travel and teach, consult, train, and coach; I hear myself saying, “If you can’t apply it, it won’t stick and what you learned won’t matter.” The name for that is praxis: theory to practice.

I believe we are all intuitive. It is not, however, a form of spirituality. It is a skill we can develop and apply in very practical ways. We can become aware of how we access our inner knowing and develop it for the sake of making the difference we are here to make. That said, being guided by spirit is often part of the experience of accessing this gift.

I began teaching about and practicing using intuition with others in my living room many years ago. Back then, we were committed to learning but not very willing to share with others. We were, in fact, hiding out. What we were doing was considered by some as woo-woo and weird.

Now, intuition is on the radar, very popular, all over the internet, and there is no shortage of books, teachers, and online classes. It’s wonderful, it’s “out.”

As my co-teacher, Cohen Ambrose and I prepare to offer a workshop in Ireland in June, I am excited to offer an experience of embodied intuition with him. Cohen is an accomplished teacher, actor, director, playwright, scholar and artist committed to including our physical body along with our mind, emotions, and spirit in his offerings.

This is a unique opportunity to learn to understand and apply intuition in playful, experiential, and practical ways. JOIN US!

Cohen Ambrose and Rebecca Johns

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