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Being In Touch with the Heart

Being in touch with the heart tells us the quality of our existence, tells us how we recognize the truth...The heart also is the place where we know who we really are.

—Russ Hudson

I am leading a retreat April 30-May 3 here in beautiful NW Montana. We are focusing on the heart, intuition, embodied living, and showing up as who we really are, wherever we are. I’m grateful to be co-leading with my good friend and colleague Tina Geithner:

Knowing who we really are is the question most of us play with for much of our lives. We tend to ask big questions such as:

Why am I here? For what purpose was I given this life? What are the ways I can make a positive difference in the world?

It takes courage to choose to be quiet and still, bring our awareness inside ourselves, notice what is there, and listen deeply to the message it keeps trying to send us.

The cosmic joke is: I’m afraid to ask God why I’m here because he might want me to be an accountant. However, God wants people who like math and are good at math to be accountants. Good thing. When I look at a spread-sheet I see Chinese characters that mean nothing to me. It’s embarrassing, but true. I see what others don’t see. It has taken years for me to accept that we are wired differently and there is purpose for that. I’m hopelessly human that way. No desire to “fit in”, but a desire to belong.

In a world that appears to value power, money, achieving, acquiring, accumulating, and consuming; not caring about most of that isn’t normal. However, I believe there is an inherent balance that brings polarities together in ways much like the natural world flows.

If we have the courage to trust what we know and who we are, we can make the difference we are here to make. It might not be conventional, in fact, it almost never is.

Those who walk the edges, always scanning for what’s possible find themselves apart from the crowd. The old saying, “It’s never crowded on the leading edge” came from somewhere.

There are tools and practices to learn to be the positive deviants we are here to be. Here is a start:

What are you FOR (not against)?

Let me know what you discover.

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