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Bifurcation: Who do you choose to be?

What is a bifurcation? A bifurcation happens when the equilibrium of a system changes. It’s kind of a cool word.

It is currently showing up in some circles in regard to what’s happening in our country, the world, and in the evolution of human consciousness. It is being said that we are in an era of separation. It isn’t only political; it is more than that.

If we think in terms of life being multidimensional, we know we live in the 3-dimensional world of the physical. It’s not really a leap of understanding that we have a relationship with the invisible world. Some of us call that metaphysics, some use the term supernatural, it is a matter of our preferred language for a concept of wholeness. We live in a multidimensional reality.

Ideas, imagination, creativity, and inspiration are not physical. They are thought, which is beyond the physical. We all know what those are, we just can’t hand them to each other as objects.

Inspiration is a lovely word because it means “in spirit.”

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This is a chaotic and complex time on the planet. The old paradigm of power and greed isn’t going down without a fight. And, we have a choice as to which playing field we prefer to live on. We are torn by polarities and yet, the willingness to combine contradictory thoughts (bothness) is part of that evolution. I can believe two seemingly contradictory beliefs at the same time.

Who do we choose to be? (a nod to Margaret Wheatley’s book)

This apparent separation doesn’t mean we cannot live, work, play, and love while choosing to expand our awareness and stay grounded and connected to practical, physical realities. We can stay connected and aware of the bigger hand at play (the spiritual world) while being responsible for participating in tangible ways. I’ll leave you with two of my favorite quotes to play with:

“Trust Allah, but tie up your camel”

“Explore Buddha nature, but don’t forget your social security number”

I would love to hear about what you are noticing.

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