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Busyness is Not a Badge of Honor

Brother David Steindl-Rast reminds us that the Chinese word for “busy” is composed of 2 characters: “heart” and “killing”.

We make ourselves so busy that we are always rushing around try to get this “done” or even “out of the way” or “over with."

And then, we are killing something important in ourselves…the wisdom of our heart.

Mindfulness isn’t touch feely. It is a practice. It takes practice, and, it is also A practice; something we commit to moment to moment, day after day.

We aren’t used to being quiet or present.

We strive for efficiency, speed, productivity, and accomplishment at the expense of our well-being. We miss the moments of beauty, peace, and joy.

The wisdom of our heart allows us to explore ourselves, each other, what is healing, and sacred, and the magic of a precious human life.

We are reluctant to be still or quiet. It makes us uncomfortable. We fill the air space with noise, music, television, chatter.

I was hiking in Glacier Park last week and the new thing is to have music blasting out of your day pack while you walk. I noticed how annoyed I was and chalked it up to becoming older and crankier. And, I still wonder about needing a soundtrack to be in the beauty of the natural world.

When I allow my mind and heart to be quiet and still, I notice more. It is easier in the natural world, and takes more practice in the day to day flurry of activity at the computer, on the phone, driving around, and becoming “busy.”

What are the ways you commit to being present, receptive, and responsive to your life? I’d love to hear from you.

Glacier National Park

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