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Get In Trouble

“Get in trouble….good trouble…necessary trouble”

- John Lewis

I work with values daily. I revisit mine, clarify them with my clients, and describe them in behavioral terms. “If I followed you around for a week, how would I know these matter to you?” What would I see and hear?

This process brings up emotion. Emotions show us what has meaning for us. Strong emotions mean there is something here that matters.

Getting in trouble can (often) look like and sound like speaking a truth that no one else will speak.

"Siyeh Pass on the Edge" by Rebecca Johns

Prepare to be alone if and when you choose to do that.

And, ironically, inevitably, someone who was in the room when you did it will privately, maybe secretly, come thank you.

We are living in uncertainty, which creates anxiety, which means we aren’t always showing up as our best selves.

Getting in trouble could mean being skillful and saying or doing something that might get us in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble.

Using skillful means is the key. It takes commitment, practice, and support.

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