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"Getting through the Holidays"

I am beginning to hear this phrase as we approach Thanksgiving. It is as though some of us are clenching our teeth already expecting a gauntlet of expectations that we can’t meet, and preparing ourselves for the stress.

Last year I facilitated a workshop for locals in Whitefish and the Flathead Valley with a good friend & colleague Kate Kanter Berry.

We explored what matters most to each of us, looked at what we believe are the expectations of others during this holiday season, and took time to be present, receptive, and responsive to each other.

I described the experience to a good friend in Germany the next day and she said, “It sounds like it was very nourishing.”

One of my sayings is, “Listening is an act of generosity.

I notice that listening is receiving, and receiving is an act of generosity.

As we enter the holiday season, with all of the perceived and real expectations, I offer you the opportunity to be aware of being present, receptive, responsive, and willing to receive.

As one of our participants said at our workshop, “I asked someone for help and I just realized that asking for help is an act of generosity.”


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