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Gratitude is an Emotion

“A culture bent on fast-filling is one fearful of slowing into the emptiness

required to feel.”

As we approach Christmas, New Year’s Eve and 2020, what are you noticing about your energy and your emotional state? There may be a list of shoulds in your mind; “I should be joyful, happy, excited, ‘ready’.” And you may notice a little bit of anxiety or even dread.

I notice how few of us have a vocabulary or lexicon of feeling words. There are hundreds of them. They go beyond happy, mad, sad. However, unless you were raised in a very emotionally literate family or attended schools with social emotional curriculum, you may sometimes be at a loss when asked; “How do you feel?”

We often respond with physical feelings: tired, stressed, or maybe relaxed. We rarely say scared, anxious, or uncertain. I had an experience a while back when someone asked me if I was excited about an upcoming trip. I said that I was actually a bit anxious. The response was (very vehemently) “No, that’s silly, you should be excited.”

But I was anxious. It was true, not logical, but emotional.

As we enter this season of giving and receiving, I invite all of us to experience a bigger range of emotions. Allow yourself to feel what’s really there. I am reminded of a workshop I led when I asked people what they were grateful for. One of the participants offered, “There is a difference between knowing what I am grateful for and experiencing gratitude.”

Allow yourself to FEEL and experience the emotion of gratitude.

I’d love to hear from you.

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