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Intuition and Resilience go Hand in Hand

I’m facilitating calls with a group of women who work in hospitals. We have been together for almost 2 years. Last night I guided them through an exercise to explore resilience. In the process, I said, “Explore how you know what you know.”

They each shared what they discovered about their version of resilience. Not the dictionary definition, their real-life experiences of resilience.

One of the participants said, “I discovered that intuition and resilience go hand in hand.”

That comment generated another exploration about elements of resilience that they already know and turn to — movement, mindfulness, meaningful engagement, and mastery.

We talked about the difference between being on task and being engaged.

I remembered from teaching my online class, Intuition is a Leadership Skill, that I often comment that ‘mastery matters.’ One reason mastery is so compelling is we never get there.

Living in a quick-fix world with a bottom-line mentality doesn’t work. It never did, and we don’t need to go ‘back to the way it was.’

If we are willing to live a life of fulfillment, we must be willing to explore mastery. It is a goalless process that takes commitment, practice, support, and courage.

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