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Noticing is Doing Something

I often have young people ask me how to recognize their path. Most of the time you just start.

The key is to pay attention.

What might look like a straightforward route almost always has surprises along the way that we can easily miss if we aren’t noticing.

Yesterday I was on this path…rocky, uneven, a bit boring….then I heard something in me say “Stop, look down.” I was about to step on this nest. Cleverly camouflaged in the middle of the path. I could have ignored what I heard, I could have powered through unaware and missed it or worse, stepped on it.

Several years ago, I was completing a year-long contract with a coaching client. When I asked what she was going away with she replied, “Noticing IS doing something.”

Paying attention takes practice and then becomes a practice.

What are you noticing?

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