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Reflection is the Key

We can’t change what we aren’t aware of. Awareness, particularly self-awareness takes practice, commitment, and support. We must be aware of what is working about what we are doing and make a conscious effort to change behaviors that are not working by replacing them with more skillful ones.

Self-awareness also requires us to become open to noticing how we have ways of BEING. Those ways of being may or may not be working for us either.

Imagine what other people do when you walk into a room.

What is the energy you bring?

I have a colleague who calls this being a “breather” or a “sucker”. Am I bringing calmness, clarity, a breath of fresh air? Or am I sucking the energy out of the room with my presence? We are all both of these at different times. Recognizing and owning our impact takes vulnerability and the willingness to choose another way of being.

None of this happens overnight or easily.

Realizations don’t come without commitment, practice, & support.

And, realizations require reflection in order to change.

So, try this: notice what people do when you walk into the room. Just notice.

Imagine changing 1 behavior and 1 way of being and the impact that would have on you and those around you.

Let me know what you discover.

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