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The Wisdom of Intuition

"The best guidance you can have now is the guidance from your own intuition and emotional certainty that come from the intelligence of your heart."

- Power Path Shaman

This is such a volatile time that many of us are on edge. Trying to “figure it out” with our busy minds becomes an exercise in futility. Our minds are useful tools, I love mine! It keeps me occupied all the time.

And, it is with the heart that we truly see and know.

Guidance from your own intuition and the intelligence of your heart is much more sustainable over the long haul. (And, I see these crazy times as becoming the long haul.)

What are the ways you practice being connected to the wisdom of your heart?

All people, throughout time and across the globe do several things:

  • Prayer & Meditation

  • Being in Nature

  • Creating Art

  • Singing & Dancing

What if tapping in to Spirt is the highest form of political consciousness?

I’d love to hear your comments.

"San Clemete Ceremony" Photo by Rebecca Johns

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