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This crisis is a birth

“This crisis is a birth….”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

We are all talking resilience these days. So many versions of that.

Some say:

  • Just be grateful

  • Surround yourself with beauty and love

  • Adapt without resentment

My invitation is to talk about: grief, fear, sorrow, worry, the emotions that don’t feel good. We cannot bypass emotions. There is a name for that: emotional bypassing.

As we acknowledge, FEEL, & express our real emotions, it allows us the space to prepare & focus on possible positives of this crisis:

  • Slowing down, time to reflect on what’s important, going inside to connect with yourself & your Soul

  • New creative ideas

  • Bringing humanity into the business world, ”people over profits”

  • Recognizing the earth is our habitat & a healthy species doesn’t destroy its own habitat.

  • Taking time to reflect on what you really want to do, the possibility of leaving your current job & saying yes to the inner callings that won’t leave you alone

We can look at all of it, the worst & the best of it.

I could die = I’m going to be really clear about my choices

I’m clarifying what matters most to me, for real = it could end suddenly

I have so many teachers who have informed my dark nights of the soul, crises of faith. Parker Palmer, Pema Chodron, HH Dalai Lama, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Campbell, Anne Lamott, Brene’ Brown, among others whose books line my shelves.

Who are YOUR teachers? Who sticks with you in a crisis? What are the slogans that inform your choices? What are the ways you operationalize the slogans?

I’m exploring forgiveness, which it turns out is a process not an event.

Every day real people walk through my life & teach me. My clients are my teachers, my family members are my teachers, the checker at the grocery store, and the big one: Mother Nature. She shows me how life works. Ebbs & flows, birth & death, transformation.

All the things I’m afraid of are there, & all the things that matter to me are there.

I can choose. It takes practice & support.

We aren’t alone. Now is the time.

Sit still, be with your questions, invite guidance.

THIS crisis is a birth.

Flathead Lake, Montana

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