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What Google can't teach you.

Technology can only take us so far.

Our own inherent gifts of consciousness will always be superior to machines.

- Penney Peirce

Learning to go inside ourselves to find our truth takes practice.

We live in a world that pulls us out of ourselves constantly. There is no shortage of distractions. We have what I call a ‘bias for action’ in ‘cultures of distraction’. This is very common in the workplace. A client once told me, “I need to give the appearance of being busy.”

It is also common in our personal lives.

"Debriefing Polarities" by Rebecca Johns

Developing ‘our own inherent gifts of consciousness’ requires learning how take our awareness inside ourselves, be quiet and still enough to notice what we notice, and gradually learning to trust that there is information in there. With repeated practice, even for a minute or two, we can access ways of knowing that are always there.

I had the good fortune of seeing a younger friend recently who was in a dilemma. As we walked and talked, I sensed the internal knowing inside her and suggested we do an exercise.

She explored her fear and her faith. Walking back and forth along an imaginary continuum on the path; she noticed what happened in her body, what thoughts, emotions, and images arose, and ultimately found where she is now, where she is most grounded and clear, and ways to navigate her inner awareness when faced with what seem like unanswerable problems.

You can’t Google that. You can, but it won’t be yours.

Your own gifts of your consciousness are always available and much more useful, authentic, and real.

Try it. It works, and it’s always superior to machines.

"Exploring Polarities in Ecuador" by Rebecca Johns

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