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The underlying pervasive energy in our culture these days is a deep sense of overwhelm. Too much information, too much to care about, too much drama, it's all just a lot to hold...

Margaret Wheatley speaks of "islands of sanity" in her new book: WHO DO WE CHOOSE TO BE?

Margaret shares her experiences of working with leaders as they process huge amounts of information, think systemically, lead in chaotic situations, and use their intuition.

I have created and lead several live workshops and online classes teaching others ways to integrate their intellect and intuition because I believe we have access to more and should learn how to include all ways of knowing.

As we lead our lives and lead others, we must integrate our head and heart. We do that by expressing our feelings as well as our knowledge.

We also do that by bringing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves into our awareness in order to make conscious choices that are in alignment with who we are here to be. It isn’t only about thinking and doing. It is also about how we feel, and what we believe.

We must also acknowledge and work with our own blinds spots as we become aware of them, and explore other's views whether we agree with them or not.

We are challenged to have the humility to learn from those around us.

We are living in uncertain times, there is a lot at stake, and for our children and their children, we owe it to them and ourselves to take responsibility for our impact.

Just for fun: start noticing what other people do when you walk into the room.

Courage means to be wholehearted. We are called to be fully present, receptive, responsive and to integrate all of who we are for the sake of showing up as who we really are wherever we are.

Showing up in our wholeness takes courage.

The time is now. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

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